SeaBird Designs composite material paddles are two-piece paddles and they have two way adjustment system. It is possible to change the paddle length up to 10 cm, adjust the feather angle, right or left hand control and set the angle as you want it to be.

The two way adjustment system is very useful in following situations:

  • Changing your paddles length if you are paddling a narrow and wide kayak.
  • When you need to share your paddle with a friend who may need different hand control, length or feather angle.
  • Experimenting with different feather angles.
  • If you are not sure of what length to use, you can adjust your paddle to the center and then start testing. Then you can adjust the length of the paddle 5 cm longer or 5 cm shorter.

If you are looking for a paddle on what you can adjust paddle length, feather angle, right or left hand control or use a stronger two-piece paddle with secure connection, then the Seabird Designs composite material paddle is a perfect choice for you.

SeaBird Designs paddles are available with bent-shaft. One of the most common problems beginners have (and also many advanced paddlers), is pain and stiffness in the wrists and elbows. The bent-shaft is more ergonomic and on long distances it is "friendlier", so that you would notice sooner when your hands are not holding even from the paddle.


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