Safety Systems

Paddling is one of the fastest growing outdoor activities in the world. With that comes a need for reliable and easy-to-use safety skills, methods and equipment.

SeaBird Designs use a unique self-rescue system, devised by VKV of Sweden – incorporated in most of the composite kayaks.

Using the system has a lot of advantages. It makes it easy to re-enter the kayak from the water and it increases the initial stability to get you safely out of the conditions where you capsized. It also turns the kayak into a super-stable platform for fishing, diving, swimming, taking photos/filming, donning a dry top or having a cup of coffee.

Compared to other self-rescue schemes, like paddle floats and rolling, it is very versatile and easy to use.

A paddle float is a simple way to assist in re-entering a kayak, but it takes some skills to use, because it does not provide the level of stability of the VKV-system. It is sometimes difficult to remove the float after using without capsizing again and you still have to paddle without any help in the conditions that capsized you in the first place.

Rolling is an adequate first line of defense. Since you do not exit the cockpit, you need no extra equipment - do not let go of the paddle and you are back up again in a couple of seconds with no water in the cockpit. Rolling however, takes a considerable amount of time to master, an investment in time and effort not all paddlers are prepared to accept. Not all kayaks are easy to roll, even for a skilled roller. Then again apart from the safety aspect, rolling is a very fun skill to learn!

Rolling is an active safety strategy (that keeps you out of trouble), while paddle floats and re-entry are passive strategies (catering to the consequences when things have already gone wrong). The VKV/Seabird system can be used both actively (applied beforehand as a precaution), and passively (applied after capsize to help you sort out the trouble).


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