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SeaBird Designs opened a new factory in Norway!

All kayaks produced in our new factory will be made with blow molding technology. This type of technology provides very rigid and durable kayaks.

First blow molded models are Åfjord Club, Åfjord Hobby, fitness kayak Kragerø and canoe Mjøsa.


Norske Padleperler is a web series highlighting extraordinary beautiful spots for kayaking in Norway - mainly focusing on Helgelandskysten and Lofoten in North Norway.

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SeaBird Designs has been supporting Lars Korvald and his team from Trails Of Norway to discover and record the beautiful Helgelandskysten in North Norway.

Helgelandskysten is regarded as one of Norway's best areas for sea kayaking, cycling and puffin spotting.

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Read about Finnish outdoor enthusiast Peter Nylund's first impressions of Seabird Designs R Scott MV HDPE in his personal blog Yeti rides.

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Canoeing and kayaking school owner and instructor Norbert Heller tested SeaBird Expedition LV and wrote an article about it to German kajak-Magazin.

Read the original article here, English version can be read here.


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