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HDPE blow moulding

Designer: Len Ystmark

Product Developer: Len Ystmark

Kragerø is the latest and most modern plastic fitness kayak on the market.

This kayak is made specially for training and can be handled also by beginners. It has incredibly good balance between speed and stability

Kragerø is made with blow molding technology - this type of technology provides very rigid and durable kayaks!

Price: 630 EUR

Additional Info

  • Specifications:
    LengthWidthDepthInternal cockpitVolumeWeight

    430 cm (14´1´´)

    56 cm (22´´)

    33 cm (13´´)

    100x40 cm (39.4´´x15.7´´) 270 L (71.3 US gal) 20 kg (44 lbs)


    User characteristics:
    Paddler weight

    30 – 100 kg (66 - 220 lbs)


    122 kg (269 lbs)



    Craft characteristics:
    Speed craft 8
    Initial stability craft 6
    End stability craft 5
    Stability in waves craft 4
    Course stability craft 7
    Maneuverability craft 6
    Packing volume craft 3


    Standard features:

    Power Pedals PRO XI9 | Ergonomic seat with padding | Deck rigging

  • Colors:

    yellow c  red c