Victory HV

Three layer polyethylene

Designer: Björn Thomasson

Product Developer: Len Ystmark

Victory HV is designed to be a responsive, fun kayak for leisurely touring. Its design is focused on creating a harmonious blend of diverse qualities. Victory model is quite fast – not in terms of top speed, but at an impressive touring pace demanding very little effort.
Victory is stable, but not excessively so; too much stability leads to violent motion in waves, an experience which you won’t have in this kayak. Instead, its initial stability is downplayed slightly in favor of excellent secondary stability, providing for easy, predictable movement in wavy conditions and the near guarantee of a dry run to the benefit for all, experts as well as beginners.
Victory’s highly balanced performance profile makes it a superb all-around kayak for most paddlers and purposes.

Price: 1250 EUR

Additional Info

  • Specifications:
    LengthWidthDepthInternal cockpitVolumeWeight

    525 cm (17´3´´)

    58 cm (22.9´´)

    41.5 cm (16.3´´)

    84x41 cm (33.1´´x16.1´´) 395L (104 US gal) 28 kg (62 lbs) 


    User characteristics:
    Paddler weight

    70 – 100 kg (154 – 220 lbs)

    padler w_70-100

    150 kg (331 lbs)




    Craft characteristics:
    Speed craft 8
    Initial stability craft 9
    End stability craft 10
    Stability in waves craft 9
    Course stability craft 9
    Maneuverability craft 9
    Packing volume craft 10


    Front round hatch 25 cm (10´´); screw day hatch 15 cm (6´´)
    Rear oval hatch 32.5 cm (13´´); round hatch 15 cm (6´´)


    Standard features:

    Adjustable thigh braces | Power Pedals PRO XI9 | Ergonomic seat with padding | Rudder | Skeg

  • Colors:

    yellow c  red c  lime green


Kooli 37
75303 Lagedi 

Phone (International Sales): +372 55 906 097

Phone (Norway Sales): +47 455 07 247