Wave surfskis

The design specifications for the new Wave surfskis from Seabird Designs may look like most competitive new surfskis specs: fast, fast, fast...

But then again we tried to make it a little more forgiving than most comparable surfskis, believing that feeling secure in confused seas may unleash the true capacity of more paddlers. We also focused more on efficient speed than on just top speed (efficient speed is that, where a pasta lunch buys you the most mileage) – meaning long distances in less time and with less effort. To cope with longer distances we worked a lot on comfort: a comfy seat and a competitive seating position, allowing for relaxed but efficient stroke geometry. The cockpit perimeter with a sloping aft end makes re-entry from the water easy, while keeping waves out.

So on second thought the design specifications are not all that standard-like. The Wave surfskis are pushing the envelope.


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