SeaBird Designs Product News for 2013

Sport 600 with surfski pedals - When originally SeaBird Sport 600 was produced with Power Pedal Pro, then now it comes standard with the surfski pedals - the high-effective carbon pedals with 3 point locking. Surfski pedals are fully adjustable, one piece curved prepreg carbon plate with flexible pedals. They are stiff to allow full pressure without any unintentional turning, but they flex just enough to give you full steering potential when needed. High friction peel ply surface gives you a secure grip regardless of your footwear.

Surfskis with handles - All SeaBird surfskis now come with handles. This will make transporting your surfski easier and adds security.

No more day hatches! - Wave 6.1 and Wave 6.4 are now produced without day hatches. Wave 5.5 is still available with the day hatch.

Keyhole cockpit - Qanik and Inuk: We are now giving our customers a choice as these two models will now also be available with a keyhole cockpit. The result is an easy to enter and exit cockpit that offers performance, fit, and solid connectivity to the kayak. The original cockpit option still remains available also.


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