SeaBird Designs was a sponsor of the VIII Võhandu Marathon 2013 in Estonia

The 8th Võhandu Marathon took place last Saturday the 20th of April and SeaBird Designs was proud to be part of their sponsoring team. Võhandu Marathon is an international canoeing marathon which is considered to be one of the toughest and most beautiful canoeing marathons in Europe. The marathon is held on Võhandu River and it is for anyone who wish to see wild and virgin nature and spend an active day paddling, it is an excellent opportunity for a paddling experience in Estonia. In one day you have to cross 100 kilometers of interesting and, at times, extreme river. It's an inspiring challenge for all paddling friends.

This year there were 277 kayaks, 175 canoes and 51 rafts, boats and WTBs that took part in the challenge. Every year the marathon takes off at Lake Tamula in Võru where the riverbanks are low, but they rise gradually after some hours of paddling as the river enters a primeval valley. The primeval and more interesting part of the river is about 45 kilometers long and is in the middle part of the marathon. In this section there is a 12 kilometers long nature reserve that includes 300 meters of landscape on both sides of the river. It is the most quick-flowing part of the river and there are many water mill dams. In average, the river descends 1,7 meters per kilometer in this section. So the overall experience offers great excitement, gorgeous landscapes and of course some serious effort, but it is all worth it!

As a prize for the best paddler, SeaBird Designs gave away one of our British style rough water kayaks - Scott MV. The Scott MV is the mid capacity version of the "Scott" family designed by the famous Inuk creater, Rob Feloy, and this is one of the new kayak models which we introduced to the paddling market only recently, but has already gained great popularity amongst many paddlers.

Well done to the winner of the marathon, Margus Pettai, we hope you like your new kayak. What a great start to the paddling season!

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