Fylkir Sævarsson – the Winner of Tour de Gudenå 2013

Fylkir Sævarsson is the very successful Icelandic paddler, elite open water swimmer and cyclist, who in 2012 and again this year became the Danish National Champion in Ocean Racing in Denmark and we are glad to announce that his success has been continuous as he recently became the winner of Tour de Gudenå 2013 in Denmark held on 13-14 September.

The Tour de Gudenå is a 120 km flatwater kayak and canoe race along the Gudenå river in Denmark. It is held on the second weekend of September each year.


Fylkir has been using SeaBird's Sport 600 so far for the previous races he has taken part in and won, but earlier this year SeaBird gave Fylkir also a Wave 6.4 Pro Surfski for the season which he used for the Tour de Gudenå race. A few comments from Fylkir about the race:

"I used the fantastic Wave 6.4 PRO Surfski and came in as NR.1 almost 30 minutes before nr.2 - my main rivals this year were all from Arendal in Norway. But their Epic, Stellar and Vajda boats, were no match to the Wave 6.4 - which handled the entire race like a dream. My total time in the 120km long race was 9:33 hours - a time good enough to beat the majority of the other K1 & Tour boat classes"!
Well done to Fylkir!


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