SeaBird Designs is a sponsor of Johan Lilja of Team Crescent in Sweden

Johan Lilja has been training and racing in multisport and MTB for 15 years. He is a member of Team Crescent and also the team captain of Team Crescent Adventure.

Team Crescent Adventure is a new Swedish investment in multisport, adventure racing and MTB. They will be competing in both Sweden and abroad from 2014. The team's core consists of Johan Lilja and Erik Ahlsten, but will be topped with strong athletes to their priority contests. Their aim is to break into the highest levels and through their partnership with Crescent and Tec Components, they have every opportunity to succeed.

From the 1st of June this year, Johan has been doing a PRO comeback to multisports and in more specifically to Adventure Racing which races in teams nonstop up to several days. The main disciplines are running, biking and paddling, and surfskis are the weapon of choice. The paddle trips can be as long as 10 hours.

In 2014 Johan will be competing in the world's toughest MTB races where Yak Attack in Nepal is coming up in March 2014 ( followed by the Crocodile Trophy in Australia next October (

SeaBird Designs has given Johan a Wave 6.1 Advantage to help with his training. Here are a few words by Johan about the choice of surfski: "When it comes to surfskis I really like the Wave 6-series since its comfortable, stable, fast and long enough to offer comfort on longer runs."


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