New Retractable Skeg System Pro and Power Pedals PRO XI9

We are delighted to announce that all SeaBird Designs 2012 skeg composite models come with new powerful and reliable KS-retractable skeg system pro by Kajak Sport! The system includes completely new skeg control unit and it can be installed to the deck of the kayak with or without recess. The new control unit can also be combined with other skeg systems.

We are also proud to say that all of our 2012 kayak models come with improved Power Pedals PRO XI9 which you can regulate sitting inside the kayak. This system has two pedals in one - you can push on the lower part of the pedal which is attached to the rails and steer the kayak with the upper part of the pedal, all of which will enable you to paddle much faster and more efficiently. You will also get better leg exercise with this system!


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