SeaBird Designs is a sponsor of Fylkir Sævarsson from Icekayak

SeaBird Designs is a proud sponsor of Fylkir Sævarsson who continues his impressive paddling expedition around Denmark. Fylkir's kayak of choice is SeaBird Designs Sport 600 and for paddle he uses SeaBird Designs A3 Wing.

Talking about his kayak he finds only kind words:

"You don't get very far in the world of kayaking, without a good boat. I was so lucky from the start to get a fantastic kayak from Seabird Designs.

My Sport 600 kayak is fast, but at the same time quite stable and the design is great. On my attempt "Danmark Rundt" last year I never had problem with space, even though the boat is only 47cm wide. Quite many have tried the kayak, and been impressed...".

SeaBird Designs wishes him all the best and lots of unforgettable moments on his quest!

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