Fylkir Sævarsson is the very successful Icelandic paddler, elite open water swimmer and cyclist, who in 2012 and again this year became the Danish National Champion in Ocean Racing in Denmark and we are glad to announce that his success has been continuous as he recently became the winner of Tour de Gudenå 2013 in Denmark held on 13-14 September.

SeaBird has always been grateful for any beneficial tips from our customers and after having heard a lot of comments about that our Discovery should have deck ropes, we have taken this into account and can now confirm that SeaBird's Discovery now comes with foredeck ropes. This adds the benefit to attach gear to the deck of a kayak or can be used as an aid for a swimmer to hold onto a floating kayak.



Last August we wrote about how Fylkir Sævarsson, the very successful Icelandic paddler, attended the Ocean Racing 2012 in Denmark and finished as first place gaining himself the title of the Danish Champion, and this year we are proud to announce that he has once again finished the Ocean Racing as number one!

Herbalife 24 Biathlon Team is the first biathlon team that has a cross-border co-operation between Norway and Sweden. It has 5 members: Johhny Gode, Torstein Stenersen, Tobias Arwidson, Knut Joramo and Christian Bache, and SeaBird is very proud to be one of the sponsors of Christian Bache.

Read the independent opinion of the Seabird's new Scott HV by a paddling enthusiast from the US, Scott Edwards in "The Paddler" magazine.

DittFiske.no ("Your Fisching") is a Norwegian social site for anglers, clubs and associations, and for those offering services. It is a site where anglers and outdoorsmen can create their own page posting photos, videos, catch reports and blog about their fishing trips. It is great place for all fishing enthusiasts to share tips, experiences and communicate with each other.

Can a hiking kayaker paddle a sportier kayak faster that his or her regular sea kayak and, if so, how much? Is achieving a good speed more influenced by the speed of the boat or by the kayaker's own physical ability? We attempted to find the answers to these as well as other questions concerning fast boats with the help of the historical first kayak testing of our magazine.

The 8th Võhandu Marathon took place last Saturday the 20th of April and SeaBird Designs was proud to be part of their sponsoring team. Võhandu Marathon is an international canoeing marathon which is considered to be one of the toughest and most beautiful canoeing marathons in Europe. The marathon is held on Võhandu River and it is for anyone who wish to see wild and virgin nature and spend an active day paddling, it is an excellent opportunity for a paddling experience in Estonia. In one day you have to cross 100 kilometers of interesting and, at times, extreme river. It's an inspiring challenge for all paddling friends.

The biggest Paddling magazine in Denmark "Kano&Kajak" tested SeaBird Designs Salt serie: Salt 59, Salt 55 and Salt 51.

Successful scale-down

Seabird may offer the fully adult polyethylene kayak in a diminished version. Medium-sized paddlers or those who don't need a huge loading capacity may thus enjoy a more suitable boat.

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