The Ocean Racing 2012 was held in August in North Sealand, Denmark in a town called Helsingør. The distance was 36km and consisted of a 2 x 18km long stretches that was paddled along the coastline. Fylkir finished as number one gaining himself a title of the Danish National Champion! For the race he used a carbon fiberglass version of the SeaBird Sport 600.

Finlandia Canoe Relay is an international canoe event, which was held in June 2012, for the 28th time and SeaBird Designs was proud to be part of their sponsoring team.

Estonian skier, Siim Sellis, reached the semifinal on the FIS World Cup in Lahti, Finland this year where he ended as number 10. Estonian Ski Association elected him as the Male Skier of the Year.

The TriStar International Triathlon is taking place in Pühajärve, Estonia on 3-5 August 2012 and SeaBird Designs is proud to be part of their sponsoring team. The TriStar event series offers a wide range of triathlon events which are designed for accessibility by professional triathletes and all other kind of athletes who want to participate in races combining the world's three most popular sports disciplines. SeaBird Designs' kayaks are used by the medical assistance and security team during the swimming distances.

The biggest "Padling" magazine in Norway tested our Qanik. Read the independent opinion of a professional paddler Jan Fjelde about the SeaBird Designs Qanik.

We are delighted to announce that all SeaBird Designs 2012 skeg composite models come with new powerful and reliable KS-retractable skeg system pro by Kajak Sport! The system includes completely new skeg control unit and it can be installed to the deck of the kayak with or without recess. The new control unit can also be combined with other skeg systems.

"Some of the most exciting sea kayaks to hit the market in 2012 originate from the other side of the pond.

Belgian explorer and adventurer Louise-Philippe Loncke, who is mainly known of his solo expeditions on dry land, took a SeaBird Designs H20 for "a little spin" aka BelgiKayak expedition.

SeaBird Designs is a proud sponsor of Fylkir Sævarsson who continues his impressive paddling expedition around Denmark. Fylkir's kayak of choice is SeaBird Designs Sport 600 and for paddle he uses SeaBird Designs A3 Wing.

Lyngby, Denmark

2-3. June, 10:00 to 18:00

Our friends at Kano- og Kajakværkstedet are organizing a Greenland Weekend in Lyngby, Denmark.

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