Anders Nyholm shares his thoughts on paddling and SeaBird Designs H2O

After he finished his sailing career in 2010, he couldn’t stay away from water for long and bought his first kayak. Instantly he knew that kayaking was just the thing he needed to stay in shape as well as to enjoy beautiful adventures on the water. In a year he already wanted to take longer trips and SeaBird Designs H2O caught his eye with its modern design, construction quality and strength.

Since then Anders has paddled most of the waters near his home. He uses the H2O for training and for recreational trips around the country.

“What I like the best is to go to new places and enjoy all the adventures kayaking gives you. I always bring my camera and take a lot of pictures on my new trips. When I come home I make a slideshow on my homepage, so other kayakers can see where I have been and get inspiration for their own trips. You can follow me on and see many great pictures taken from my H2O,” he says proudly.

Anders continues: “Denmark does not have a lot of wild nature on land but on the water it’s a different story. Our 7300 km of coastline offers everything from small fjords to big oceans and the water is by many considered the last wild nature in Denmark. From my H2O I have seen eagles, dears, snakes, porpoise whales and many other birds and fishes.”

“For me the H2O is the perfect combination between a fast touring kayak and a safe ocean kayak with room enough to bring baggage for long expeditions. And then of course it’s great looking and very comfortable to paddle,” Anders sums up his thoughts on H2O.

Everybody from SeaBird Designs wish him well and many wonderful adventures on the water.