Björn Thomasson from Sweden – new SeaBird Designs kayak designer

There are several reasons for the success:

an attractive combination of high quality and very competitive prices – real value for the money,

a manufacturing volume that allow us to use advanced technology and materials of a quality that would be out of range for a smaller company,

paying close attention to what happens in the kayaking community helps us produce the right kayaks at the right times,

taking a very strong position on safety, both in regards to kayak specs and outfitting and to work with different safety and rescue philosophies.

SeaBird Designs has a very strong range of kayaks, meeting the demands of paddlers all over the world, but is also heavily focussed on the future of kayaking. Things are happening on the kayaking scene and SeaBird will be in the frontline, with new models meeting new markets and new market niches.

Above all we are happy to announce that Seabird will be producing Black Pearl, the worlds most famous Greenland style kayak by one of the best and most renowned kayak designers in the world. Björn Thomasson of Sweden has agreed to design a production version of this pearl for Seabird Designs. It will be available later this year.