Fylkir Sævarsson is the Danish National Champion in Ocean Racing 2012

Last weekend on 8-9 September the Tour de Gudenå Race was held in Denmark. This is a 120 km flat water kayak and canoe race along the Gudenå river in Denmark which is held on the second weekend of September each year and it lasts for two days. Although Fylkir had great competition from other top paddlers, Fylkir and his SeaBird Sport 600 named “Polar bear” finished as 1st place!

During the summer months he also took part in many smaller paddling challenges and races where he did fantastically. For example on 10 June he took part in the Copenhagen Seachallenge – a brand new kayak race with a distance of 43km going around Amager – where he won the seakayak class with SeaBird Designs Sport 600. In August he paddled around the Island of Als which was about 85km and he also took part in the Thurø race – a 20km long race held in exciting and challenging waters – where he finished as third (but still first in seakayak class!).

SeaBird Designs is proud to be part of Fylkir Sævarsson’s sponsoring team and wishes him good luck!

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