Fylkir Sævarsson – Wave 6.4 Surfski, The First Tryout

This year SeaBird has given Fylkir a Wave 6.4 Pro Surfski for the upcoming season. The surfski was delivered to him by Kano og Kajakværstedet who are also sponsoring Fylkir and all of his kayaks are customized in their shop,

On his first tryout, all went well. A few comments from Fylkir:

“I was more than happy after we had packed out the Wave 6.4 – what a hull and “look” it has….”.

“I could really feel how easy it is to row in the Wave 6.4 – although there are headwinds, it has just the most beautiful glide.”

Fylkir has said that the 2013 season will not only be altered with club records – Denmark’s records and Icelandic records – but also with World records! Sounds very exciting!

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Kim from KANO OG KAJAKVÆRKSTEDET in Denmark, Fylkir and his new Wave 6.4 PRO


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