Paddle Expo in Nuremberg 17th-19th September 2015

In past couple of years SeaBird Designs team has worked on developing some new kayak models, rearranging the production by starting to move all the composite production to Europe and also on increasing the production capacity.

At the show SeaBird introduced 4 new polyethylene models – Expedition Åfjord, Expedition Odin, Scott MV HDPE and Dino. Åfjord and Odin are reduced versions of our bestsellers Expedition HV and LV. Åfjord is only 368 cm long, but a bit wider than LV/HV and therefore even a bit more stable. Odin is a perfect sea kayak for children. Both of those kayaks have also Club versions. Scott MV HDPE is the plastic version of one of our bestselling composite models Scott MV. All those 3 models have been made of 3-layer polyethylene. We also had with us a small sit-on-top kayak for the smallest – Dino.

It was nice to catch up with our old partners, but also to make some new connections, which hopefully lead to expanding the SeaBird brand and bring our kayaks to new countries and markets. The fair was really successful for us and we hope to continue developing our product range to introduce some new kayaks soon!