Paddle Expo in Nuremberg 18th-20th September 2012

Just like last year, having the largest, most spacious and very roomy platform/stand gave us an opportunity to have most of our kayak models on display and yet leaving enough space for all visitors to get a chance to walk around and get a closer look of the kayaks. With many people on our team this year, we hope that everyone’s questions got answered. As part of the “Team Seabird” this year we had the SeaBird Designs creators, Aljona and Len, world record attempter and kayaker Sebastian Plur Nilssen, and the famous kayak designers Rob Feloy and Björn Thomasson.

At the show SeaBird introduced the new Nordr and Scott kayaks. Björn’s new contributions, Nordr M and M2 (the two that made it to the show, Nordr S, L and L2 will come during the winter) were a big hit. We also had the Scott LV and MV presented (Scott HV is also in the making as well the famous Inuk), these two are Rob’s new designs which gained a lot of attention also.

Paddle Expo is not all about showing new products and all the business stuff, it is also a place to meet, catch up with old friends, make some new ones, socialise and make plans for the upcoming season. We had a lot of visitors, meetings with new and old friends, and a lot of orders on kayaks for the coming year. Thank you for everyone visiting our booth at the show, we received lots of positive feedback again and thank you for sharing all the information and thoughts with us. It was a very good show for Seabird Designs and see you all again next year!


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