SeaBird Designs welcomes kayak designer Robin Feloy

Rob has been paddling, surfing and sailing since he was six years old and started designing and building kayaks and small boats of various types while he was still at school. From there, he moved on to building record breaking racing yachts, but never lost his interest and passion for designing kayaks. So it is no wonder that he’s been involved with many remarkable projects during his impressive design career. Along with the world famous Inuk he has designed many other kayaks and some more specialist boats. Just to name a few, he designed and helped to build the kayak Peter Bray used to cross the North Atlantic in 2001. He also designed the Double Ocean Kayak for Justin Jones and James Castrission for their crossing from Australia to New Zealand in 2007 and Sean Morley’s Solo around Britain Kayak. As well as kayaks, he has designed the “Power Cat” range of small power catamarans and coastal rowing boats for Eurodiffusion.

Rob has also worked with top notch companies such as Nelo, Kirton Kayaks and Kayak Pro and designed many kayak models for them.

We are pleased to have Rob on board sharing his expertise with us and helping us to design and develop an exciting new range of British style kayak models. As we have also agreed to manufacture the SeaBird Inuk under license, we are enthusiastic to start production and hope to have one on the water very soon.