SeaBird's Fisherman 12 in TV series "Fisching med DittFiske: Episode 2" on

DittFiske flies around the country shooting the series “Fisching med DittFiske” and the show is hosted by Anders Dahl Eriksen, the editor of On their second fishing trip for the series, Anders has taken with him Espen Glomsvoll, a video photographer, who is paddling SeaBird’s Fisherman 12.

To paddle the Fisherman 12 is a fantastic choice if you plan to go fishing, hunting, diving, bird-watching or photographing. It is very comfortable and spacious, fitting all of your fishing, hunting, diving or any other gear perfectly in order that you can stay out all day enjoying your hobby. It is also fast, but very safe and stable to keep you out of trouble.

“Fisching med DittFiske” is broadcasted by in Norway ( and the video is available for viewing here.

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